Honorary Advisor

Sir David Anker-Jones Sir David Anker-Jones
GBM Justice of Peace
Dr. Darwin Chen, SBS Dr. Darwin Chen, SBS
Hon. DSocSc (HKU)
Hon. Fellowship (HKIED)
Honorary Chairman of Habitat for Humanity China
Ms. Barbara Fei, BBS Ms. Barbara Fei
Chairlady of the Hong Kong Association of Choral Societies
Prof. Chan Wing Wah, JP Prof. Chan Wing Wah, JP
BA, CUHK, Mmus, MusDoc.
U of Toronto, LMusTCL
Senior Consultant
Head, Centre for Creative and Performing Arts
Ken Chu LL.D. Ken Chu LL.D.
Mission Hills Group
Mission Hills Holdings Ltd
Chairman & CEO
Ms. Virginia De Blank Ms. Virginia De Blank
Mr. George Chuang Mr. George W.H. Chuang
Max Magnetic Products Limited Managing Director
Mr. Raymond Yim Mr. Raymond C.M. Yim
HKSEIC Chairman
Dr. Choi Cheung Hei Dr. Choi Cheung Hei
Mr. Andy Lam Mr. Andy Lam
Mr. Paul Lam Mr. Paul T. Lam
CNT Group Limited
The China Paint Mfg. Co. (1932) Ltd.