Introduction of Hong Kong City Choir

2018 group photo

  • The Hong Kong City Choir (HKCC) is an amateur choral group registered in Hong Kong, which was founded in 1999 by Mr. Man Kin Ping, Jack the Musical Director and Conductor of the Choir. There are about 80 existing members, who have undergone varying degrees of vocal training, performing choral music of various styles from sacred, classical music to contemporary works. Since its inception, the Choir has played an active role in choral performances in the city. It has been invited to participate in various domestic performances, including invitations by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to perform in the “Hong Kong Winter Fest” in Santa’s Town for five consecutive years.  It also takes part regularly in the district cultural events organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). In addition to local performances, the HKCC has repeatedly participated in international competitions overseas together with cultural and artistic exchanges with foreign art groups, including participation in Korea, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, etc. All performances were well received.
  • During the past 20+ years, the Choir has received numerous prizes in various competitions. For more details, please visit the “AWARD” page.
  • You may also visit the “CONCERT” page for our recent performances.