Introduction of Hong Kong City Choir


• Hong Kong City Choir (HKCC) is an amateur choral groups registered in Hong Kong. HKCC was founded in 1999 by Mr. Man Kin Ping, the current Music Director and Conductor of the Choir. There are more than 60 existing members, who have undergone varying degrees of vocal training, performing choral music of various styles from sacred music, classical to contemporary works.

• Since its inception, the Choir has played an active role in choral performances in the city. We have been invited to participate in various domestic performances, including invitation by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to perform in the “Hong Kong WinterFest” in Santa’s Town for five consecutive years. We also take part regularly at the district cultural events organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). In 2004, we were exclusively invited to perform two choral concerts in ‘Fête de la Musique’ hosted by the French Consulate General, Hong Kong Alliance Francaise, the LCSD and the Fringe Club.

• In addition to local performances, our Choir has repeatedly participated in international competitions overseas and international festivals, cultural and artistic exchanges with foreign arts groups, including participation in Zhongshan’s “Chinese Choir Festival 2000″, Shanghai’s “New Year Concert 2003″, the “2004 New Year Concert” in Zhuhai, as well as performances in Macau, Shenzhen, Shaoguan, Guangzhou, etc. In July 2004, we participated in “The 7th China International Chorus Festival” held in Wuxi and received the Excellent Performance Award.

• 2006 was a fruitful year for us. Sponsored by the Hong Kong government, we traveled to Xiamen in July to compete in “The 4th World Choir Games” and presented a commission piece from our resident composer Dr. Liang Er-Hei. We were awarded the Gold Diploma for chorus singing as well as the Silver Diploma for ladies ensemble. In November, we were invited to participate in the “2006 Busan Choral Festival” in Korea with the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In December, we entered “The 8th China Choral Festival” competition and received the Silver Diploma for mixed chorus singing.

•2010 was another rewarding year for the Choir. In July, we went to Shaoxing to take part in “The 6th World Choir Games” and won 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. In June and November, we had the fortune to perform on the same stage with world class singers from the Royal Danish Opera and the famous Italian group La Rossignal respectively. In September, we performed at the Award Presentation ceremony of “The 1st Choral Festival in Shenzhen” as the only guest performer from outside the mainland.

• In 2011, we hosted two grand concerts. In May, we presented a concert by 3 tenors –”Nessun Dorma-Three Tenors from Asia”. The 3 well-known tenors, including Mr. Man King Ping (the conductor of the Choir), a tenor from Japan, and a tenor from Korea, had presented a brilliant performance that cheered the audience much. Another concert held in November “The Time to Remember: Commemorate a Hundred Years of the Xin Hai Revolution” recalled the choral cultural history over the century, and raised funds for hospice services of social enterprises through singing.

• In 2012, our performance at “Salute to French Masters Concert” for Le French May gained considerable acclaim.

• In April 2013, our performance at “Verdi’s Gala” in celebration of his 200th birthday, and to mourn the tenth anniversary of SARS, was an unprecedented success.

• In April 2014 and September 2015, we hosted “Salute to Music Masters” Series I and II, tracing the source of Chinese art songs by performing choral works of Chinese music masters.

• In June 2016, we participated at “The 3rd Chinese Folk Song Choir Festival” in Guizhou, China and received the Silver Diploma for mixed chorus singing.