2018.10 Performed at “Celebrate the 200 years since the premiere of the Creation” at Hong Kong City Hall.


2017.08 Performed at “Celebration of the 20th anniversary of establishment of the HKSAR” at Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

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2016.09 Performed at “An Evening of American Folk Songs” at Hong Kong City Hall.
First Half  Second Half
Evening_Of_American_Folk_Songs_Leaflet 3

Second Half

2016.05 Performed at Hong Kong City Youth Choir Annual Concert “The Sound of Religion–Past and Present” at Hong Kong City Hall. Photo
2015.09 Performed at “Salute to Music Masters Series II” at HK Cultural Centre. First Half  Second Half
New leaflet - Front

First Half

Second Half

2014.04 Performed at “Salute to Music Masters Concert” at HK Cultural Centre. First Half  Second Half

First Half

Second Half

2013.08 Performed at “An Evening of Bel Canto XI” at HK City Hall. Photos
2013.04 Performed at “Verdi’s Gala” in celebration of his 200th birthday at HK City Hall. Video

2012.05 Performed at “Salute to French Masters Concert” for Le French May at HK Cultural Centre.
2011.11 Performed at “The Time to Remember: Commemorate a Hundred Years of the Xin Hai Revolution” at HK Cultural Centre.
2011.05 Performed at “Nessun Dorma-Three Tenors from Asia” at HK Cultural Centre with well-known tenors from Japan, Korea and Mr. Jack Man Kin Ping. Video

2010.11 Performed at “L’amor Sacro e L’amor Profano”, the concert of a selection of the 18th Century music and modern classics at HK Cultural Centre with famous musicians from Italy’s La Rossignol. Video

2010.06 Performed at “Opera I Provinsen” at HK Academy for Performing Arts with four well-known singers from the Royal Danish Opera by Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Consulate.
2010.06 Performed at “Jack Man Recital” at HK City Hall.
Participated in the Celebration of “The 60th National Day cum Mid Autumn Festival Concert” at HK Cultural Centre.
2009.07 Participated in the “Inauguration Ceremony of the Committee for the Promotion of Peaceful Unification of China (HK Committee)” at HKCEC.
2009.07 Performed at “Our First Decade” Concert at HK City Hall.
2004 Performed at two concerts under “Le Fete de la Musique 2004” by Alliance Francaise de HK.