Off Shore Performance

2023.06 Peformed at the Magnolia Theatre in Shanghai.
2018.08 Participated at 「International Festival of Choral Art “The Singing World”」 Competition at St. Petersburg.
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2017.10 Peformed in Hokkaido, Japan at “Hokkaido Biei Music 2017″
2017.07 Performed at the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Return in Melbourne, Australia and participated at the “Festival of Voices 2017″ in Tasmanian, Australia.
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2016.06 Performed at “The 3rd Chinese Folk Song Choir Festival” in Guizhou, China.
2011.05 Participated at the “Zhao Qing Music Exchange Tour” at Zhao Qing University, Guangdong, China.
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2010.09 Performed at the Award Presentation Ceremony of “The First Shenzhen Choral Festival” in Shenzhen, China.
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2010.07 Performed at “Good Morning, Shanghai” at Shanghai Concert Hall in Shanghai, China.
2010.07 Participated at “The 6th World Choir Games” in Shaoxing, China.
2008.12 Participated at the first “Xinhai International Chorus Festival” in Panyu, Guangzhou, China.
2008.06 Participated at “The Fifth Haidin Cultural Festival” that jointly organized by the “Beijing-HK Heart to Heart, Singing for the Olympics Concert” and the Beijing Festive Choir.
2006.12 Performed at “The 8th China Choral Festival” in Shenzhen, China.
2006.11 Participated at “Busan International Choral Festival” in Busan, Korea.
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2006.07 Performed at “The 4th World Choir Games” in Hamin, China.
2004 Performed at “The New Year Concert 2004” in Zhuhai, China.
2004.07 Performed at “The 7th China International Choral Festival” in China.
2003 Performed at “The New Year Concert 2003” in Shanghai, China.
2000 Performed at “The China Choral Festival 2000” in Zhongshan, China.